Zitadelle Spandau Berlin, Overview Entrance
District Office Spandau of Berlin
Spatial design:
Squareclouds Design

Citadel Spandau Berlin

Digital Exhibits. Programming. CMS.

Project Scope

In the first quarter of 2021, the Zitadelle Spandau in Berlin planned a renovation of the entrance and cash desk area. Part of this redesign were 3 information stations with dynamic content that can be maintained by the staff as needed. The team of JASCHA&FRANZ developed an information concept together with the curators of the citadel, which was then dimensioned by me in terms of hardware and software solutions.

The stations are connected to an online CMS and the content can be updated at any time. Approximately 9 different content templates are available to display various materials and information.

Digital displays for current exhibitions and information (left side)
Digital display for opening hours and prices (right side)


  • Technical concept
  • Hardware planning
  • Software planning
  • Programming and technical implementation
  • Technical documentation
  • Training of staff