100 Mothers, Full cast members at table
English Theatre Düsseldorf
Maximiliane Wadler
Squareclouds Design

100 Mothers – Stage Design

Stage Production. Programming. Fine-Drawing.

Tailored for The English Theatre Dusseldorf, the project encompasses modular stage design. Tasks included project management, conceptualizing visual and logistical aspects, creating mapping software, content creation, workshop production of stage modules, conducting projection demonstrations, and handling hardware rental, testing, and installation.

Project Scope

  • Modular stage design for theater play
  • Accompanying live projection mapping

My tasks

  • Project Management
  • Visual and logistic concept of the stage modules
  • Development of a simple mapping software for projection
  • Content creation for projection
  • Realization and workshop production of the stage modules
  • Demonstration of the projection
  • Hardware rental, testing and installation