Horizon Europe

Horizon Europe (former Horizon2020 or H2020) is the ninth Framework Programme for Research and Innovation in the European Union, with a budget of more than €95 billion. The programme is built around three main pillars – excellent science, global challenges and industrial competitiveness, and innovative Europe.

Five missions relating to climate change, cancer, oceans and water, carbon-neutral cities and soil health, also form an integral part of Horizon Europe.

Horizon Europe offers a broad range of funding opportunities, from support for basic scientific research to application-oriented projects and market launch activities. The funding is aimed at individual researchers, small and larger consortia and companies, especially SMEs, in all fields.

As a Design Consultant I have assisted in the development of visual identities for over 60 projects ranging from refugee integration to new fuel technologies. These projects have a lifespan of 3-5 years and it's main challenge are the tight schedules and modest budgets for design and visuals.

*Some of the presented logos were produced during the ideation phase and might not be the final selected version by the consortiums.

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