Deutsches Auswandererhaus Bremerhaven
DAH Bremerhaven
Andreas Heller Architects and Designers

Junge Digitale Sammlung - Web Platform

Responsive Website. Immersive Website. Digital Exhibits. Programming. Research station.

Project Scope

The Deutsches Auswandererhaus (German Emigration House) in Bremerhaven is a cultural-historical museum dedicated to migration. As part of the funding project "museum4punkt0," new digital communication methods, participation, education, and mediation are being developed in museums. The project team of the German Emigration Center has designed the workshop "Young Digital Collection" (JDS) for school classes. The themes addressed are identity, diversity, and the handling of museum objects. Students can scan or photograph their everyday objects in 3D and enter the data into a database to later publish them on a platform. This way, the JDS is growing into a comprehensive collection.

In addition, the "O2G" application for Windows and Mac was created as part of the JDS web platform. The files generated with this 3D conversion tool are optimized for the JDS platform.


  • Project management
  • Development, programming and deployment
  • Documentation in the form of tutorials
  • Programming of Win & Mac 3D converter tool "O2G"